Singing and stories

Singing and stories are the large part of our daily routine in the nursery as they are a fantastic way of supporting children’s language development. Children enjoy sharing their favourite stories again and again and this is great as children can then learn to retell the stories themselves.

Sharing stories with an adult is the best way to help children learn as together they can talk about the book and ask and answer questions. So, even if you choose to use the online stories below sharing them together is still important.

Cbeebies bedtime stories can be played via the following link.

The school subscribe to a website called Bug Club. There are a selection of online stories for children to read on a computer or tablet. (Each child has their own individual login) – Nursery rhymes. Maybe you could find some toys or objects in your house to help you act out the nursery rhymes. Maybe you could record your child singing their favourite song. Children often like watching themselves performing.

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