FREE Breakfast & Lunch

All children at Early Birds Nursery eat breakfast and lunch, for free.

Embedded into our daily routine, our breakfast and lunches will be family style dining. We will prepare the food together, set the table and sit down around the table. This will help build on the children’s life skills, communication skills and fine motor skills (e.g. using knives to cut food).


Free breakfast at Sheppey nursery

Every day, children attending our morning sessions will have the choice of bagels, cereal and fruit.


Free lunch at Sheppey nursery

Every day, children attending our afternoon sessions will have sandwiches, fruit and juice.

Every Friday...

In addition to our normal routine, every Friday the children will make:
1st Friday of the month – beans on toast
2nd Friday of the month – Scrambled egg on toast
3rd Friday of the month – bacon bagel (am) pitta pizza (pm)
4th Friday of the month – croissants (am) chicken salad wrap (pm)