Tryosaurus’s Home Learning Challenges

Tryosaurus is resilient. He always tries his best and perseveres when something is ticky. He isn’t easily distracted and pays attention to details.Can you be like Tryosaurus?

Exploraurus’s Home Learning Challenges

Explorasaurus is curious and uses all her senses to explore the world around her. She asks questions to find things out, seeks challenge and engages in new experiences. She engages in imaginative play.

Shareosaurus’s Home Learning Challenges

Shareosaurus is kind to others and thinks about how others may feel. He is able to work as a team, listening and responding to others’ ideas.Can you be like Shareosaurus?


Counting is easy to build into your day as it can happen anytime and anywhere. We can count items like raisins for a snack, cutlery when setting the table, books read and toys such as cars and teddies. We can also count actions likes jumps or claps. Maybe you could challenge your child to do […]


Playdough is really good for developing finger strength and co-ordination. Here is a simple recipe. Simple Playdough Recipe You will need 8 tbsp plain flour 2 tbsp table salt 60ml warm water food colouring 1 tbsp vegetable oil  Method 1. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. In a separate bowl mix together […]

Drawing and mark making

Drawing and mark making is a great way of developing the skills children will need to learn to write as they get older. At nursery we have been doing some step by step drawing to help children understand they can draw shapes and use these to represent objects. You could draw a picture with your […]

Physical Development

Children need opportunities to develop their whole body gross motor skills and their small more specific fine motor skills. This website has some lovely yoga videos including a Spiderman and a Frozen themed one. Quick Disney themed activities from ‘Change for Life’ to get the body moving.

Singing and stories

Singing and stories are the large part of our daily routine in the nursery as they are a fantastic way of supporting children’s language development. Children enjoy sharing their favourite stories again and again and this is great as children can then learn to retell the stories themselves. Sharing stories with an adult is the […]